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Greetings other-worldly lovely human creatures and fantastic flying fairies.

Each month I will post thoughts, information and articles about all kinds of spiritual/metaphysical topics and provide inspiration and magic of love, light and the other side. Some of the mystical manifestations we will explore:

•    Empowering the divine
•    The goddess’ spiritual workings
•    Spells (protection, manifestation, etc.)
•    Incantations, meditations, astrology, numerology, horoscopes, palmistry, mantras, yantras and mudras
•    Altar workings
•    Temple/sacred and belly dance
•    Serpent energy (Kundalini)
•    Ancient dietys
•    Planetary magick
•    Sabat celebrations
•    Divination yoga
•    Third eye/psychic development
•    Chakras
•    Ancient mythology
•    Tarot
•    Sacred geometry
•    Hermetic science
•    The occult
•    Moon magic
•    Fairys
•    The elemental realms
•    Ancient civilizations: Atlantis, Lemuria, Oracle of Delphi
•    Extraterrestrial life
•    Dreams, omens and portends
•    Herblore
•    Spirit guides
•    Animal totems
•    Health and nutrition for a higher vibration
•    Portals, sorcery and lifting the veil between worlds

If you would love to be a part of this journey, then welcome! If these things are not of interest to you, simply hit unsubscribe below and exit this realm. We will miss you.

Here is a small bit for this month’s guidance and decadent joy…

The goddess Venus is the goddess of love. To connect with her on affairs of the heart, or any matter of beauty and delight, create a space in your home on a FRIDAY (that is her day).

Her tarot card is the EMPRESS, Her scent is ROSE, SANDALWOOD or SAGE, her color is EMERALD GREEN, her stone is ROSE QUARTZ, her animal is a DOVE, her plant is ROSE or CORN, her magical weapon is a GIRDLE or BELT.

If you gather these things on her day of the week, burn a candle in pink or green, and tell her your request, she is more than likely to oblige…..possibly in a very unexpected and even more magnificent way. It works…be careful what you wish for. Have a beautiful journey everyone.


Jenevieve, the Serpentine Sorceress


If you are looking for an officiate for a sacred sabat ritual, rite of passage, or wedding, Jenevieve, The Serpentine Sorceress is an ordained minister, spiritual counselor and clearer of negative entities, contact her today. Click here to see our upcoming events!

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