If your looking for a truly sacred experience for a wedding or handfasting or any rites of passage ceremony Jenevieve, the Serpentine Sorceress is an ordained minister and a follower of the goddess.

We can do celebrations synchronized with the sabbats or astrological timing based on ancient star systems, alchemy or simply intuitive promptings of divine timing.

Ceremonies can be elaborate or simple, traditional or eccentric but always mystical.

Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress will start by calling in the elementals and deity’s and creating sacred space and then adorn and protect the person/people being honored and then chanting and ritual and dancing… ow my!

Being a pagan Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress honors nature and all her majesty but she embraces all spiritual pantheons.

If you don’t have a location or specific ceremony in mind, Jenevieve will be glad to create one in dreamtime (she gets many profound insights from my dream guides) and we can create together from there.

Pricing varies greatly depending on travel, time, event, etc., so feel free to contact Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress.

Jenevieve also makes TALISMANS, AMULETS and CHARMS for ritual protection and manifestation. Sometimes these may take a while to complete due to having to wait for the right astrological times and dates, but she has seen them work wonders. Jenevieve puts personal energy and time into these and her spirit helpers have shown much power behind them so we use them for wonderful purposes only.


If you are looking for an officiate for a sacred sabat ritual, rite of passage, or wedding, Jenevieve, The Serpentine Sorceress is an ordained minister, spiritual counselor and clearer of negative entities, contact her today. Click here to see our upcoming events!

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