The Sorceress Bio
About Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress:


As a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and reader of Tarot, Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress channels the Goddess and is a medium and empathic.

Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress is a third-generation practitioner of Magick. She is an ordained minister and officiates at weddings, rites of passage and sacred Sabat rituals.

Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress is a spiritual counselor and performs clearings of negative entities.

She creates charms and talismans, invocations and mantras through crystals, fairies, sacred belly/snake dance and Shakti yoga for third eye awakening.

Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress has been channeling otherworldy information since the age of three when she began having a series of dreams repeatedly over a 5 year span. The dreams clearly spoke of her past life gifts as a priestess, a practitioner of magic and an empath. The goddess Kali was there, encouraging her to remember her soul gifts to inspire and bring love and healing to this planet in a future time of need…that time is now. Jenevieve’s family highly encouraged her abilities and she became a professional reader at 19. Jenevieve has foreseen future events and shared this for the good of humankind. She has been a guest speaker on psychic panels for various metaphysical radio shows and is a full time reader for Psychic Eye metaphysical book shop as well as Center for the New Age in Sedona, AZ.

Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress is an ordained minister and is available for all rites of passage ceremonies including weddings, Handfastings, coming of age, sabat rituals and final rites, as well as any party dedicated to the divine. Feel free to contact her for more details.


Many of us are being called at this time to bring back the old ways of the goddess and and open up the otherside of the veil for enlightenment, spiritual healing and planetary healing. It is Jenevieve’s divine pleasure and birthright to guide you through her divination and clairvoyance. Jenevieve is here to answer all types of questions (love, career, health, family, finances, etc., as well as help you find your spirit helpers, angels, and goddess entities (Venus is a popular one for love). Let her also recommend ancient techniques and powerfully pleasing modalities of bringing your most cherished goals into fruition. All things are possible with intention and imagination… one must know where to look to succeed. Love is the way through…


  • Jenevieve's readings are LIFE CHANGING! My readings with her have been amazingly accurate in determining what direction I should take on many situations in my life. Her counsel has been very valuable to me. She is sympathetic, warm, uplifting, inspirational  and non-judgmental. She is very honest and optimistic. Her intuitive readings have led me into a very profitable business venture. She helped save my relationship as well. Jenevieve has been a blessing to the lives of myself and my family.


  • My friend and I go to see Jenevieve every week and she is just awesome. Gives you insight in to things that just makes life easier, always on target. It has become a wonderful special kind of therapy that I just can't do with out.

    Susan Licata

  • Since your reading, I have embraced a new career path with no fear of the future. I know that the Universe will provide and I am feeling a huge wave of self-acceptance and desire to put my gifts out into the world to help others in my own unique way. Your psychic energy intertwines with others like hands folding together and you are very clear, vibrant and strong. Like a full golden are that.


  • I have been seeing Jenevieve on a weekly basis and she has given advice and insight to me that has helped in so many ways. She is always on target. Some of her readings have given me the chills because she calls it all the time. You are the best Jenevieve can't imagine a week without my therapy! Not to mention you always make me smile!